Sunday, July 5, 2015

Willie Wagtail's are all named Gilbert

05th July 2015

At Jarowair, all of the Willie Wagtails that visit us have been affectionately nick-named "Gilbert".  They always seem so happy when they visit us on the veranda, on the fence and flitting around the property, and they remind me of the spirit of the beautiful little Willie Wagtail that befriended my Great-Great Uncle, Australian Artist G.T.M Roach (Gilbert Thomas Meredith Roach) and inspired him to write a memoir about his friendship with a particular wagtail many years ago.


Willie Wagtail on the fence at Jarowair 05/07/15

"Gilbert" Staring me down :)
"Come in Willie" by G.T.M Roach  - 1952

5th July 1952 - Newspaper Article from the Argus, about the publishing of My Great-Great Uncle's Book "Come in Willie" by G.T.M Roach.

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