Monday, February 9, 2015

Return of the Emerald Spotted Tree Frog

When we first moved to our property Jarowair, the Emerald Spotted Tree Frog was one of the main frogs that we would see on a regular basis. Over the last couple of years we have noticed a real decline in this species, and have found that even in times of large rain which results in frog breeding frenzies, the Emerald Spotted isn't to be found.  We are not aware of any reason why they have declined, but note that friends who live on a large land for wildlife property near Kingaroy have also reported noticing a decline.

You can imagine my excitement to find one then, perched on our outdoor lounge on the deck one night when I went to cut some herbs for dinner.  I believe it is most likely around 12 months since we have recorded one at Jarowair.  I took a few photos and then let it be, but note I have not seen it on the deck since. J.G.

Emerald Spotted Tree Frog at Jarowair  09/02/15

Emerald Spotted Tree Frog at Jarowair  09/02/15

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  1. I like frogs, this one is very cool, shame they are in decline.


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