Monday, December 8, 2014

Three-punctured Diving Beetle in the pool

A Three-punctured Diving Beetle (Cybister tripunctatus) was spotted having a swim in the pool. These beetles are usually seen in the creek when it is full. These freshwater beetles are around 3cms long and prefer habitats of slow-moving or stagnant water. Usually confined to the Murray-Darling basin, they fly about at night looking for the reflection of water to establish a new habitat. Water beetles require air to survive so they emerge at the waters surface to gather air, which they store under their wing covers.  Our children have always commented on how these beetles resemble small turtles when they are swimming, and were entertained watching it.


Three-punctured Diving Beetle (Cybister tripunctatus) in the pool.

Three-punctured Diving Beetle (Cybister tripunctatus)

(Info Source:  Splash Magazine & Atlas of Living Australia)

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