Sunday, December 14, 2014

Round-eyed Striped Noctuid Moth13/12/14

Round-eyed Striped Noctuid's (Grammodes ocellata) have been coming onto the deck of the house over the last few nights. Our Daughter thought they were beautiful and photographed them so we could look up what they are.   Round-eyed Striped Noctuid's have a wingspan of 40mm and are from the Noctuidae family.


Round-eyed Striped Noctuid (Grammodes ocellata)

Round-eyed Striped Noctuid (Grammodes ocellata)


  1. A very pretty moth, I like the markings.. Great shots.

  2. What a beautiful winged thing! I have never seen a moth like this. Your daughter did a beautiful job on the photos.

  3. How cool is that? The animal world never ceases to amaze me.

  4. When I first looked at the thumbnail for the first image I thought it was a bizarre snake! Then my brain kicked in ...!

    Very spiffy moth.



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