Thursday, December 18, 2014

Red-white Leaf Beetle 14/12/14

This Red-white Leaf Beetle - (Paropsisterna sp.) (Chrysophtharta sp.)  was spotted munching away on one of the newly planted Eucalyptus tereticornis trees at Jarowair.  While we weren't impressed at it having a taste for our new plantation of Koala feed trees, it was a beautiful beetle and a great opportunity to get out the macro lens, which we don't use often enough. This beetle was about 8mm long.  (For those who will ask, yes we left the beetle there, after all it is an Australian Native also, so welcome at our patch despite it's healthy appetite for eucalyptus.

Thanks to the Brisbane Insects website I was able to identify this beetle which was not listed in any of my books. They describe the red pattern on the back of the beetle as resembling the map of Africa and South America.  This beetle is classed as a "Tortoise Beetle".

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This Red-white Leaf Beetle - (Paropsisterna sp.) (Chrysophtharta sp. at Jarowair 14/12/14

Red-white Leaf Beetle - (Paropsisterna sp.) (Chrysophtharta sp.)

Red-white Leaf Beetle - (Paropsisterna sp.) (Chrysophtharta sp.) at Jarowair, Qld.



  1. What a marvelous little creature. The world of insects has so many surprises and any time we can uncover a few it is wonderful.

  2. Wow, this is a very rare sight, a wondrous creatures.
    This is my challenge-Foto
    Greetings from germany

  3. What a cute beetle...really, he's adorable. Too bad he's munching where you don't want him too.

  4. What a pretty beetle. Looks to be eating the leaf, thought.

  5. What a marvelously colorful beetle, I like the black with the white dots in it, and shape rather like a ladybird beetle. I hope it doesn't severely damage your koala food, are there koalas around to eat it?

  6. That is an awesome find! What wonderful designs on his back and those little eyes are just so cool to see.

  7. What a colorful little creature!!! I'm a bit late making the rounds this week, this is not a reflection on my appreciation of your offering, thanks so much for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-)

  8. WOW! What an amazing little beetle! Your photos are beautiful -- colors are gorgeous! (


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