Friday, December 26, 2014

New Frog at Jarowair - Wrinkled Toadlet

The recent rain saw a discovery of a tiny "new" frog at Jarowair. After taking many photos and observing it's call, we had to pass the information onto the experts for a positive identification. Many thanks to Rod Hobson (Resource Ranger, South West Region Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service) and Ed Meyer for the correct identification of this frog, the Wrinkled Toadlet (Uperoleia rugosa) aka Chubby Gungan, Eastern Burrowing Toadlet, Red-groined Toadlet, Rugose Toadlet.

Wrinkled Toadlet (Uperoleia rugosa) December 2014

Wrinkled Toadlet (Uperoleia rugosa)

Rod tells us that "The Uperoleia is a very difficult group with three very similar species found in our area viz. Uperoleia rugosa, U. laevigata and U. fusca. The calls are the best way of telling them apart. Generally rugosa has a reddish colouration to its groin and posterior of its thigh whereas both fusca and laevigata generally have an orange-yellowish colour in this area. The much-quoted pale “map of Tasmania” pattern on the rear of the head/upper back area for laevigata is not peculiar to this species therefore is not a diagnostic feature of that frog. In general I’ve found rugosa to be the most common of the three species on the eastern Darling Downs."

A new discovery is always exciting as we learn more about the frogs of our area. Thanks again Rod & Ed for your help.

J & B.

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