Sunday, December 14, 2014

Frogs Alive at Jarowair 12/12/14

Creek and Dam at Jarowair alive with frogs 12/12/14

Frog "Froth" amongst the grasses on the edges of the creek and dam at Jarowair 12/12/14

The Frogs life at Jarowair after this week's rain is amazing.  The noise of all of the different frog varieties in pockets of water in the creek and the dams is deafening.  I took a late night walk around the property with the camera and was pretty impressed with the types of frogs I saw, including a new frog sighting for our patch of a Smooth Toadlet (aka Eastern Gungan)  (Uperoleia laevigata) and the second sighting ever of a Salmon-Striped Frog!  I also came across a quite Pale-headed Snake and two echidnas as well.

We have recorded the sounds of the frogs at night to add to this blog post, but had to convert it to a video first so blogger would let us upload it.  Enjoy!


Common Green Tree Frog's Mating 12/12/14

Scarlet-sided Pobblebonk Frog at Jarowair 12/12/14

Dainty Green Tree Frog 12/12/14

First sighting of a Smooth Toadlet (aka Eastern Gungan)  (Uperoleia laevigata)

Spotted Marshfrogs at Jarowair 12/12/14

Five Spotted Marsh Frogs

Ornate Burrowing Frog 12/12/14

Bleating Tree Frog

Spotted Marshfrog & Dainty Green Tree Frog
Dainty Green Tree Frogs Mating 12/12/14
Frog Eggs Galore
Pale-headed Snake 12/12/14
Scarlet-sided Pobblebonk Frog 12/12/14
Striped Marshfrog (Limnodynastes peronii) 13/12/14

Salmon-striped Marshfrog 12/12/14


  1. What a beautiful little symphony of frog sounds you have captured!

  2. Incredible! I would be amazed at seeing just one or two of these species, let alone all of them mixed in together! And that Pale-headed Snake is a beauty - to be respected! Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. I must take lessons frogtography! The ones near water down here stop calling and submerge as soon as I appear! The few images I have got are ones we have dug up in the garden.


  4. What a brilliant blog. We are so excited to see all these frogs in your photos. Like Flabmeister,we need lessons in frogtography too!


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