Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Return of the Rufous Bettongs Oct 14

I was thrilled this week to spot a pair of Rufous Bettongs at Jaowair on a few different nights.  We have not had a sighting of these cute little marsupials for around 7 years at our patch.

It is interesting to note that the Queensland Museum classes the Rufous Bettong as "Rare" in South-East Queensland, however the Department of Heritage and Environment Conservation Status lists them of "Least Concern".  In any case, we know that they are rarely seen in our area and this is due to predators and habitat loss.  The Rufous Bettongs rely on native grasses for their habitat, in which they build a small burrow or nest underneath thick grassy tussocks, in which they live during the day.  They eat tubers, fungi, roots, grasses and native herbs, and have been having a great time ploughing up the dirt down the back of our place.  We hope they hang around!

B & J

Rufous Bettong at Jarowair 10/10/14

You can just make out the eyes from the baby in pouch in this Rufous Bettong at Jarowair 10/10/14 

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