Friday, October 31, 2014

October at Jarowair 2014

A random mix of photos taken during the month of October at Jarowair 2014, that don't really go with any blog post in particular!  The dry weather and the heat has been very harsh this month with everything brown and crunchy and not much food around for wildlife.  J.G.

Echidna 26/10/14

Tadpoles in the only pocket of water in the creek at Jarowair  27/10/14

Tadpoles coming to the surface at Jarowair 27/10/14

While not "Wildlife" this is the newest addition to the Jarowair  domestic pets - our first every chicken, and there was only one mind you!

Wild Dog photographed on neighbours property at Kleinton on 04/10/14 5.30pm.

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