Saturday, August 23, 2014

Red-Neck's Boxing Again

Boxing Kangaroos are always entertaining, and the Red-necked Wallabies at our patch don't disappoint and are just as feisty as their Eastern Grey relatives.  These Red-necked Wallabies decided to have a punch up in the backyard one late afternoon in August and I was able to capture their dramatic display of masculinity on camera.  I do wish however they had chosen a better "background" as most of the photos have the biocycle in the background!



Red-necked Wallabies "boxing" in the backyard at Jarowair, August 2014.

Red-necked Wallabies Boxing at Jarowair 23 August 2014

Red-necked Wallabies Boxing at Jarowair 23 August 2014.

And then it was over, just as quick as it had begun... back to the important stuff... eating.


  1. G'day Judith
    They are spectacular photos. I have taken many shots of the E Greys on our blog, but have never got them doing elevated kicks as this pair have done for you.


    1. Thanks Martin, these two were particularly energetic, and wonderful entertainment. I haven't seen any Eastern Grey's boxing here for some time, despite them being in abundance at our patch lately. I will check out your photos now. Judi


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