Sunday, August 10, 2014

Micro snails in macro

By chance, I spotted these tiny snails in a potted plant at our patch and decided to test out my rarely used macro lense - it doesn't disappoint!  I will admit that holding the camera still to take these photos of this tiny creature was rather challenging however. The snail was only a couple of millimeters wide.


Snail Photo - cropped to zoom in.

Original photo (pre-crop) of the snail, size comparison with an Australian 5c coin.

Australian 5c coin in my hand - showing the size of this small coin for overseas followers.


  1. Excellent eyesight to pick that up! Would that be a junior common garden snail?

    1. Hi John, yes it was a lucky to spot it - either that or I would have discovered them once the plant started being eaten away! I am guessing it is a junior version of the common garden snail and not a native one also.


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