Sunday, August 31, 2014

Macropods, Monitors & Hail August at Jarowair 2014

A selection of the photographs we have taken at Jarowair during August 2014.

Large Eastern Grey Kangaroo, drinking at Wallaby Waterhole at Jarowair, 26/08/14

Boxing Red-necked Wallabies at Jarowair 23/08/14.  See All photos here...
Three Laughing Kookaburras overlooking Jarowair, 31/08/14

Yellow-faced Honeyeater taken "over the fence" of Jarowair 31/08/14

Beautiful Robin taken "over the fence" of Jarowair 31/08/14
"We're Back!"  The Lace Monitors are back out in force at Jarowair and keen on steeling our chickens eggs once again 26/08/14

This Lace Monitor was actually quite a vibrant yellow colour and the photo doesn't do it justice.  26/08/14

Eastern Grey Kangaroo's looking hard for something green to eat at Jarowair, 16/08/14

The Wallabies and Kangaroos have had to graze on the edges of the roadsides to find anything green to eat during winter.  We love watching the Red-necked Wallaby Joeys in pouch.  26/08/14

We had a hailstorm at Jarowair at 11pm on 26/08/14, the first one in years.  

Brendon captured some photos of the Wild Dogs we have been hearing and seeing evidence of in August.  More here...31/08/14

The flowering Wattles are a welcome sight in the dry winter months.  I love the contrast of the yellow with the bright blue sky. 26/08/14

Winter Sunset overlooking our neighbours properties 26/08/14

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