Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tawnies, Kangaroo's & a Koala's bum July at Jarowair 2014

Photos taken from a walk around our patch during July 2014.  The area is brown and frosted after a few very low temps in the last few weeks, but we had a reprieve from the cold on Sunday thank goodness.


Koala at Jarowair 20/07/14

Fruit of the Native Devils Marble Plant at Jarowair 20th July 2014

Wombat Berry Fruit at Jarowair  20/07/14

Wombat Berries at Jarowair 20th July 2014

Sunset through the trees, Jarowair 20th July 2014.

Would like to know what the identify of this native shrub is at Jarowair

Tawny Frogmouth Pair at Jarowair 20/07/2014

Eastern Grey Kangaroos blending in with the brown surroundings at Jarowair July 2014.

Our neighbours horse with the sunset in the background, July 2014.

I am unsure if this flowering pea is a native or a weed at Jarowair - July 2014.

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