Sunday, February 2, 2014

Stony-Creek Frog - a new sighting for our patch 02/02/14

At the new waterhole at Jarowair (more on this later) Brendon came across this large Frog one night while setting up the camera trap.  He brought it back to the house so we could photograph it to identify it, but we knew it was one we hadn't seen here previously simply due to its colouring and large size.  After taking a few photos we have identified it as the Stony-creek Frog (Litoria wilcoxii).  This new frog sighting has taken our list to #14 frogs identified on our small property (see frog list here).  We will keep an eye out for the breeding males which are a bright lemon-yellow colour!  

Stony-Creek Frog at Jarowair 02/02/14

Stony-Creek Frog

Stony-Creek Frog - which jumped into the garden when I was trying to photograph it.


  1. Judith

    What is this word "waterhole"? At our patch just outside Canberra we are thinking of starting Dust Bowl Tourism!


    1. yes it has been much the same here also - my husband spent every free minute over christmas creating a man-made waterhole for the wildlife to drink from etc and we topped it up with bore water. It is only small but the frogs and the wallabies found it instantly! The whole place here has been brown and the grass crunchy until a couple of days ago when we had 41mls of rain which has given the land a green tinge already, but not enough to add any water to the creek or main dam. Hope you get some rain your way - we certainly could do with a lot more.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Nora - we think so too - we love our frogs!


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