Sunday, February 23, 2014

Natural Tree Regeneration at Jarowair

After my last post comparing the tree growth of planted eucalyptus at Jarowair (see previous post here), I decided to take some other photos and compare them to previous ones taken here.  The block of land we purchased was ex-cattle grazing land and had been stick-raked prior to purchase in 2005.  The tree growth shown in the pictures below is natural regeneration. It goes to show that nature does respond when left to do it's own thing. 
 J & B.

Natural Tree Grown over 6 years 2008 - 2014 at Jarowair.
Natural tree regeneration over 6 years since the photo on the left was taken in 2008.  The nesting box you can see in the tree in the centre of both photos is now home to a squirrel glider family.

"Frog Dam".  This little dam/pond was existing already on the property on purchase.  The grasses and common rushes around it have grown substantially along with the small native trees.  We regularly top this little dam up with bore water in dry periods for the wildlife to drink from.

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