Monday, February 24, 2014

Echidna covers a lot of ground at Jarowair 24/02/2012

Lately I have had a walk around the property at night with a torch having a look at what nocturnal wildlife is around.  Most nights I see an echidna out foraging and am amazed at the amount of ground these slow moving animals cover during the night and of the amount of noise they make digging the earth up.  They are especially busy after some rain.  It would be interesting to know how many echidna's we have here, but I suspect I see the same one most nights in close-by locations. B

Echidna by torchlight at Jarowair 24/02/14


  1. How did you did it to stay still long enough to photograph by torchlight? Was superglue involved? Our lot move so swiftly that they take some patience and luck to get a clear shot in full sunlight!


  2. Ha ha Martin, no superglue used! I guess it is used to seeing me wandering around with the torch. It is quite happy to forage away with me watching on.



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