Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bird Observers come for a Glider Spotting Outing at Jarowair 15/02/14

After seeing from 4 up to 12 sugar gliders and squirrel gliders in a huge flowering gum tree at Jarowair this week, we invited the local Bird Observers group members to a night outing to spotlight a few of these beautiful little creatures - while we were confident they would show up.  Including our little family 12 members set off at dusk with many torches on the humid night in hope of seeing the gliders emerge from their hollows and nesting boxes.  We saw up to 6 Gliders a combination of both Sugar and Squirrel Gliders with one in particular posing very nicely in a low tree at the end of our walk, for us to observe for quite some time and to take a few photos.

As is the case when you plan these things - all of the glider's we saw were in different trees rather than the one we expected to see them in - but we were glad to see quite a few of these beautiful animals.

Along with the gliders we were able to show off a few of our local frogs including:

Ornate Burrowing Frog,
Spotted Marsh Frog
Broad-palmed Rocket Frog
Eastern Sedgefrog
Common Green Tree Frog
Bleating Tree Frog
Stony Creek Frog

It was a pleasant evening and concluded with tea coffee and refreshments on the veranda and conversations about everything wildlife. It was great to share our interests with other like-minded people.

J & B.

just hanging around...

Squirrel Glider at Jarowair 15/02/14

Moon through the trees during the outing.

Stony-creek Frog at Jarowair 15/02/14


  1. Somewhat cute! Please send some to us: we have yet to see a live glider on our place although we do have the odd scratch mark, hear what I suspect is the call and occasionally find a corpse. Perhaps I must get out more after dark!


    1. Thanks Martin... sorry cant' spare any gliders!! Yes you must get out more just on dark! It took us some time to see them here also - My husband first saw them on dusk gliding from tree to tree, it was after that that we then went purposely to see them. We don't often go looking for them, but when there is a tree in flower, its a sure bet the gliders will visit it. They also inhabit two of the many nesting boxes we have installed here as we have seen them leaving their man made homes on dark. We still have hopes of seeing a greater-glider here as they are in the area, but no such luck yet! The wildlife preservation society of Queensland website has the sugar glider and squirrel glider calls on it that you can listen to them to determine what you are hearing at your place:


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