Saturday, February 22, 2014

Barking Gecko with original tail - first sighting in years.

We haven't seen a Barking Gecko (Thick-tailed Gecko) (Underwoodisaurus milii) at Jarowair for a few years we believe.  Last night while our spotlighting looking for anything interesting, Brendon spotted this little guy in the grass.

Thick-tailed Gecko's or Barking Gecko's are a clawed Gecko, meaning that they can't climb glass or other smooth surfaces, so you won't see them on the side of the house.  They eat insects and spiders and are extremely tolerant of the cold weather.  Like all gecko's the barking gecko can drop it's tail when scared and then grow a new one - known as a regenerated tail.  The original Tail is black with several pale bands -as was the one we saw tonight.  A regenerated tail will be stubbier and have a slight pattern.  During the hot weather they shelter underground and during winter bask between and on rocks.

 They are a spectacular gecko and this one was relatively quite while I took it's photo.  I don't think I have ever added a photo of one to the blog before this, however we have certainly seen a few over the years.  The very first one Brendon saw was years ago before we were living here, he had moved something in the shed and underneath was a very unhappy Barking Gecko.  It proceeded to hiss and do mock charging at him along with backflips and a barking noise to show how unhappy it was to be disturbed!  He said it was hillarious watching this little gecko defend its territory.  We have certainly seen others over the years, mostly in the shed, but had certainly noticed their absence.  It was wonderful to see this one last night and to know that they are still residing here. B& J

N.B.  Something of Interest in regards to the Barking Gecko's Scientific Name of Underwoodisaurus milii from the Pilbara Pythons website: "Despite their name, they are usually found under rocks rather than wood. The name Underwoodisaurus means “Underwood's” and refers to a man by the name of Underwood!"

Barking Gecko (Underwoodisaurus milii) at Jarowair 21/02/14

Thick-Tailed Gecko aka Barking Gecko 21/02/14

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