Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Little Reptiles in December - Brown-snouted Blind Snake, Verreaux's Skink & Copper Tailed Skink

While working outside in the yard, gardening and working on the tractor, we often come across some little reptiles that are accidentally unearthed.  This little copper-tailed skink came off second best after coming in contact with the tractor bucket yesterday and was unfortunately too injured to be helped.  The Three-clawed worm-skink is the second one we have come across here, this one was found at night on the grass.  The Brown-snouted blind snake was also "unearthed" while planting trees.  We have come across many different sized blind snakes over the years here, but often they burrow back into the earth so quickly that they are hard to catch to get a photograph of them and thus have gone un-identified.  J & B.

Copper-tailed Skink, who came off second best after an incident with "Fergie" our Massey Ferguson Tractor.

Copper Tailed Skink (Ctenotus taeniolatus) at Jarowair 31/12/13

Three-clawed Worm Skink (aka: Verreaux's Skink) (Anomalopus verreauxii)

Three-clawed worm skink at Jarowair Dec 2013.

Brown-snouted Blind Snake (ramphotyphlops wiedii) at Jarowair - Dec 2013

Brown-snouted Blind Snake (ramphotyphlops wiedii ) note it is sheding its skin. 

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