Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fringed Lily (Thysanotus tuberosus) 08/12/13

Yesterday I was thrilled to discover the Fringed Lily at Jarowair.  I haven't ever seen these before and found them mid-morning while mowing one of our walking tracks.  I marked the location of the flowers with a branch to come back to photograph them later, but by midday they had already almost closed up completely and didn't re-open for the rest of the day.  I returned today mid-morning with the camera, to not only see the three plants I had staked in full open flowers, but many more in the same area.  The Fringed Lily (Thysanotus tuberosus) from the Laxmanniaceae  is a grass-like herb said to live in moist sunny places amongst grasses.  The three petaled flowers with frilled edges only last for one day (most likely why we haven't seen them before).  The flowers are absolutely stunning and I now have a new favourite wildflower at Jarowair.  Judi.

Fringed Lily Flower that only last for one day at Jarowair 08/12/13

Cluster of Fringed Lily Flowers 

Fringed Lily

Closed Flowers of the Fringed Lily

Closed flowers of the Fringed Lily


  1. On our property (Sth Tablelands of NSW) these take over from orchids. An excellent plant.

    1. Yes they are beautiful - I was very excited to see them here after having this property for many years. I would be rather happy to have grass orchids also however but not as of yet anyway!


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