Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dollarbird's & Kingfishers

The Dollarbird's have been frequenting a hollow tree close to the house over the last few months.  Dollarbird's arrive to Northern and Eastern Australia in September each year to breed.  In March and April the birds return to New Guinea and the surrounding islands for the winter - lucky them!

We have also had the Chanel-billed Cuckoo's here early morning and late afternoons and I also saw for the first time here a Brahminy Kite soaring above the property - it was well in view and un-mistakable but by the time I assembled my camera it was far gone.

The Sacred Kingfisher's have also been busy ducking in and out of the termite mounds feeding their babies.

Gorgeous Dollarbird Pair at Jarowair 20/11/2013


Sacred Kingfisher calling out - early morning 08/12/13

Prickly Pear Tree - early morning with the sun coming through the trees.

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