Monday, November 11, 2013

Sunday Morning Red-Backed Fairy Wren's, Baby Galah's & a few butterflies.

Last Sunday Morning started off great after seeing the Male Red-Backed Fairy Wrens out to play among the grasses and small native shrubs - I even managed to get a couple of photos of them briefly.  I witnessed both the red-backed and the superb-blue fairy wrens all together in the one small shrub and nearby native grasses - as the Superb blues are a new addition to our patch, this was great to see them in the one location.  

The male white-winged trillers were also present near our tiny dam and although the photos are unclear it was good to take to confirm their id's.  I had seen them the weekend before but wasn't sure on their identification.  Thanks John for the id of the female pic I took last weekend!

The baby galah's are a noisy addition to the trees near the house!  There are two with this one adult pair that always live close by - what clumsy baby's they are, they are so funny to watch.

A few butterflies were present, including a Blue Tiger Butterfly - which I didn't manage a photo of, the common Caper Whites, Meadow Argus were all hanging around the grasses where the sprinkler had been going.  The photo of the meadow argus almost looks like he is smiling I think!  

There has been a massive buck Eastern Grey Kangaroo around over the weekend that has come very close to the house also - we don't often have the huge ones come so near.  When he stands up straight he is quite a sight in the distance!

Although rain was predicted, the weekend was hot and very dry but we did get a small sprinkle of rain late Sunday afternoon.  J.G.

White-winged Triller (a terrible photo but id proof of the sighting for our records)

Noisy Friar Bird

Resident Galah's (above) with their babies (below)

The very cute and very noisy baby galah's.

Caper White Butterfly

Unknown small insect either a bee or a fly about 1cm long hovering over the grass - it always stays about 15mm from the ground.

Meadow Argus Butterfly - smiling it seems!

Big Buck Eastern Grey Kangaroo grazing on the lawn in the house grounds.

The ever elusive Red-Backed Fairy Wrens decided to come out and display themselves along with the Superb Blue Fairy Wrens all in the same area.

These little wrens are so hard to capture - darting in and out of the grasses!

While this is not clear - I liked it anyway with the Two Male Red-Backed Fairy Wren's in flight - I seldom see two males together.


  1. Nice to see you got the male triller, Judith. You must be racking up quite a bird list for your patch. Well done on capturing the RB Fairy-wrens too. What a magical place you live in!

    1. thanks John - yes it was good to spot the male, thanks again for your i.d. on the female - when I took those photos of the female only minutes earlier I had seen what I now know as the male white-winged trillers on long strands of grass nearby, but I didn't manage a photo and as I was some distance away, I wasn't sure what they were! Looking back - we had these birds here at the same time last year. The bird list is growing but honestly the environment is still fairly sparse and we need to do more intensive tree planting to really keep some of the birds we see living here regularly - the sightings really are erratic but it is good we are adding to the list slowly!


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