Monday, November 4, 2013

Gutsy Goanna -04/11/13

Once again... once our chicken's are laying eggs regularly.. a resident Goanna (Lace Monitor) has been visiting regularly to claim a free and easy meal!  Today he visited the chicken pen three times in one day - someone is getting greedy!

Thank-goodness the magpies alert us to his whereabouts so we can race down to grab the eggs before the greedy goanna does.


Goanna under attack by Magpie

Beautiful Goanna


  1. G'day Judi

    I don't know why it has taken me so long to follow your site!

    With this post my browser seems disinclined to load the images of the goanna. Any idea why?


  2. Got the images now. Well worth waiting for.


  3. Thanks Martin for your comments and for following our blog - its much appreciated. The goanna continues to visit daily stealing the eggs and the birds have given up chasing him! Glad you liked the photos. Judi.


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