Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Spotted Python & Carpet Python in one week. 28/11/13

A Spotted Python somehow managed to get into the bird aviary that has "snake and mice proof wire" at night.  The quails were not bothered by the python at all and showed their lack of fear going right up to it - of course the snake struck out at them, sending them up into the air and straight back down again (they aren't the best flyers) the python grabbing a few feathers! Only a few nights we saw a small carpet python crossing the culvert in the road in front of our patch.  We stopped the car and got out to watch it, slowly moving across the road in no hurry - it wasn't fazed at all by the lights of the car or the audience.  This is only the third small carpet python we have seen here, so it's good to know they are still around.

We have also been seeing quite a few Robust Velvet Gecko's inside the house and outside lately, both with full tail and regenerated tail's.

J & B

Spotted Python in the bird aviary with a fearless Quail 25/1/2013

Spotted python with a mouth full of quail feathers!
Brendon removed the spotted python from the aviary and let it go outside.

Carpet Python at Jarowair (iphone photo at night) 28/11/13

Robust Velvet Gecko inside the house. 25/11/13

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