Tuesday, October 15, 2013

First Koala Sighting in 8 Months at Jarowair 15/10/13


Late afternoon Brendon heard the distinctive sound of a Koala sounding his mating call.  We all went off for a walk down the back of the property and it wasn't long before we found this healthy male Koala high in a Gum Tree.  This Koala is the first one we have seen since February 2013. This Koala was very healthy looking and his eyes and rump were in good condition thankfully.  He could still be found the following day in another gumtree - no matter how many times you see a Koala in the wild - it is a sight you never get tired of.  J.G.

Koala up-high.


  1. Wahoo! Isn't he gorgeous. I agree with you about it being a sight you never grow tired of. It's been a while since we've seen one here. The cockatoos usually alert us -- for some reason a koala upsets them.

    1. Thanks Vicki - he certainly is beautiful! We haven't found any birds etc that alert us to the Koalas here! Unfortunately over the weekend we came across the carcass of a dead Koala at the back of our property - I am hoping it wasn't this guy as he looked so healthy! Judi.

    2. Oh no, that is awful. I hope whatever the cause, he didn't suffer.


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