Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weebills at Jarowair 23 June 2013

Many Weebills and Striated Pardalote's were high in the tree-tops at Jarowair today hovering from tree to tree feeding on insects that couldn't be seen from the ground below.  I am sure this the first time I have seen Weebills at our patch. Photos are limited as they moved far to quickly for me to capture them well.

Weebill at Jarowair 23 June 2013

Later that afternoon we enjoyed a stunning pink and blue sunset over the trees to finish the day nicely.



  1. You did well to capture such a good photo of the Weebill.

    Breathtaking sunset, too.

    1. Thanks Vicki! there were many weebills but they moved so quickly and from tree to tree also! I just wanted to get at least one image of proof of them visiting our patch! The sunset was beautiful - thanks for your lovely comments. Judi.


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