Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pale-headed Snake a little too greedy

After hearing the most awful sound on and off today - that sounded like a sick frog...we both agreed that it was coming from either in the wall or near the door downstairs... Brendon investigated tonight and started to pull off the capping of the door frame and this is what he saw... a snake inside the cavity with a large green free frog just below it...

The snake was moving around a fair bit inside the gap in the door frame and I was able to have a closer look at it and was fairly sure that it was a pale-headed snake.  After Removing the entire edge of the door frame carefully - the green tree frog did and almightly leap to safety!  The snake however wasn't so keen to go and proceeded to go above the door frame in to the flashing above.  It had to be pulled out as we wern't really very keen on it taking up residence there... especially with the kids having the bad habit of leaving the doors open at times!

Pale-headed snake, gripping somehow to the door frame cavity?
Pale-headed snake with a full belly of frogs!

We re-located the snake who was rather unhappy to be removed from his hiding hole... down to the creek.

Interestingly, after adding the capping/edging of the door back on later, Brendon noted that the only gap in which the snake could have entered was the one at the top, there wasn't a gap at the bottom, so somehow the snake had made it up the wall!  and then into the frame!  Probably explains were all of our little dainty green tree frogs have gone!

Another day... another snake lately!

J & B

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