Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nothing like a snake in the kitchen first thing in the morning 16/02/2013

Busy morning here at Jarowair with kids heading off to sport and as usual... running late, miss 9 opens the back sliding door in the kitchen to go onto the deck to retrieve her running shoes and as she opened the glass door a small pale headed snake falls out of the door frame and onto the floor in the house... as you can imagine she instantly squeals and jumps onto the kitchen bench, while her every supportive mother (me) is laughing hysterically (yes no mother of the year award coming my way).  With miss 9's squeals of "SNAKE" her worried father comes tearing down from the shed, imagining a large python or an eastern brown inside, to find this very small pale-headed snake slithering around the kitchen.  Never a dull moment at our patch.

This beautiful little pale-headed snake had no doubt come up to the deck to clean up some of our much loved frogs that frequent the back door at night.  At the time there was a split in the flyscreen on this door and the snake had obviously entered through this and was then trapped in-between the screen door and the glass sliding door.  I have since learned that Pale-headed snakes are very good climbers because of their: "slender body and ventrolateral keel allow the snakes to gain purchase on ledges and crevices and grip the climbing surface - See more at:".
Brendon re-located the snake to a much more appropriate area outside and everyone was happy... but rather late for athletics!  J

Small Pale-headed snake in the kitchen 16/02/2013


  1. yikes well all I can think of it is good it wasn't curled up inside her running shoes! Lucky you had your snake-catcher on duty!

    1. Yes that is true Carole! Although since I grew up on a rural property and since living here, no one would ever put their shoes on (if left outside) before shaking them out!


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