Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dragonflies, Noisy Friar Birds & Varied Sitellas

This weekend Varied Sitella's have been seen in the ironbark trees and gum trees, while I didn't get a photo, it is quite some time since we have seen them frequent our block.  I also spotted a pair of Noisy Friar Birds on Sunday Afternoon, along with Blue-Faced Honeyeaters, Apostlebirds, Grey-Crowned Babblers and a large Koala seen by Brendon Saturday Night. Our son also spotted a Water Scorpion in the waters edge of the dam when we were watching thousands of tadpoles of different sizes and shapes.  J & B

Note:  I am unsure if the photos taken years ago of the varied sitellas seen here, have ever been loaded onto the blog.. something that may have been overlooked and will need to load. J

Blue Skimmer Dragonfly 03/02/13

Australian Emperor Dragonfiles 03/02/13

Australian Emperor Dragonflies

"Water Scorpion" spotted in the dam by our Son... I thought it was a leaf at first when he showed me! 

Pair of Noisy Friar Birds at our patch 03/02/13


  1. JG,

    Great photos of the dragonflies. If I'm not mistaken they are; Blue skimmer (Orthetrum caledonicum) and the larger one with male and female laying eggs in the water is the Australian Emperor (Hemianax papuensis).


    1. Thanks so Much Bryan, sorry I missed your reply earlier! I have actually just seen this after working out this weekend both names of these dragonflies! It's great that you have the same id also. Thankyou - Judi.


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