Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A little touch of Blue... birds & bees

A couple of things Blue in the last week at our Patch

Blue Banded Bee's have returned to the purple flowering liriope's in the house garden.  I havent spotted them since these plants flowered last year.  These beautiful bees move quickly and don't seem to stop on the flowers for long, so my photos are rather poor... but proof alas of their visit.

Blue Banded Bee on flowering liriope's.

Baby Blue Faced honey-eaters are such characters and have been coming close to the house almost daily.  Seen here they were having a rest in the kid's cubby-house.

Juvenille Blue-Faced Honeyeater in the cubbyhouse.


  1. Lucky you to get the Blue-faced honeyeaters close to your house. Nice shot of the juvenile.

    1. Thankyou! Sorry I have missed this comment before today. The blue-faced honeyeater's have remained residents of our patch and are regular visitors to the veranda looking for spiders and feeding on one particular grevillia tree in the garden that flowers regularly.


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