Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wrens at Play in the Grasses at Jarowair 15/09/12

I have been trying for weeks now to get a decent photograph of the wrens living in the grasses at Jarowair of recent to no avail.  I still havent seen a male to identify them correctly.  I took this one picture today by accident, of a wren in flight, which I quite liked.  Their sound entices me away from the house to observe them.  J.G.

Unknown Wrens at Jarowair.


  1. Don't they look super with the tail sticking up like that? I'm thinking maybe a "red-back", but I could be wrong. I get a glazed look over my eyes when I hear fairy wrens too and yes, it is rarely the males I capture images of.

    1. Thanks Russell, Sorry my reply is so late to your comment. Yes I believe that they are the red-backed fairy wrens as they are the only type we have seen here at our patch. I was hoping maybe some other type had also come to call our place home, but not yet. I have seen them regularly lately and rarely get a good glimplse of the beautiful males. Thanks, Judi.


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