Saturday, September 15, 2012

Stunning Striated Pardalotes show their faces 15/09/12

When we first bought our patch of land years ago, we used to see the Striated Pardalotes regularly and witnessed them building their nesting burrows in the sides of piles of excavated dirt that had been moved for building our shed and then our house.  We have discovered since then that they have hollows in the side of the redish dirt in one section of our dry creek and they have also been seen excavating a hole in a Termite Mound and entering a hole in a Telegraph Pole just up the road.  Their beautiful distinctive sound has been prominent for the last couple of months, but they are often high in the tops of the trees and unphotographable.  Today while taking photos of the wrens, two Pardalotes landed in a wattle tree just close to where I was standing and I was able to get a couple of clear images.  Yey!!  J.G.

Stunning Striated Pardalote at Jarowair 15/09/12.

I had to upload this photo showing both birds in the one shot, plus it is funny with the one on the right about to land!


  1. Stunning is a good word for these little gems. Lovely shots. How lucky to have such beauty where you live.

    1. Thanks Rusell, They are such "happy" little birds. Since I added this post, they have hollowed out a hole in a large termite mound near the house and have been busy going in and out, so they have been very close by. I will have to take the time to sit down and try to get a shot of them coming in and out of the termite mound.


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