Saturday, September 8, 2012

Blue-faced Honeyeater's Resist the Protest 08/09/12

It seems of late that I don't have many new sightings to report from our little patch and until our planted trees increase in size, I imagine we won't gain too many new species to call our patch home.  I am very happy to report the visit of the Blue-Faced Honeyeaters however over the last few days.  These noisy birds have been making our Patch home, despite the reluctant land owners "The Noisy Miners" efforts to remove them from the area.  The Honeyeaters stand their ground and don't seem to be too worried by the Noisy attackers!  The Blue-faced honeyeaters have been feeding on the flowering Ironbark trees and the flowering grevillias in our garden near the house.  It is many years since we have seen these birds here and I am off to look up my records to determine when we last had a visit from these beautiful birds. J.G.

Blue Faced Honeyeaters Under Attack from the Local Noisy Miners in the house garden.

Blue-Faced Honeyeaters swinging off the Clothes Line, watched closely by the Noisy Miners!

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