Saturday, August 18, 2012

Musk & Scaley-breasted Lorikeets 17/08/12

A resident Goanna (Lace Monitor) has decided to come out of hibernation, conveniently after our hens have started to lay eggs again and thus has made his home in a hollow of a tree right on the edge of the chicken yard.  To our dismay he has been helping himself to an easy dinner over the last few days, but not without some defence from these Scaley Breasted Lorikeets!  The Lorikeets had been making a huge racket and have been rather upset by the goanna hiding in this hollow tree.  When I went down to take a photograph of them, I discovered, that amongst the many scaley-breasted lorikeets were about six Musk Lorikeets also!  We have had Musk Lorikeets here previously, but have not seen them for quite some time (see previous post).  They are very welcome visitors, unlike Mr Goanna to the chook pen!  J.G.

Scaley-breasted Lorikeets checking out the Goanna that had just gone back into this hollow tree, after stealing the chickens eggs.

One Musk Lorikeet can be seen here amongst the Scaley's (bottom left).  There were other Musk Lorikeets in the higher branches also at the same time. 


  1. Smart of the Lorikeets to "mob" the Goanna. But it probably took little notice.
    At least it brought your attention to the Goanna and hence to the nice images.
    Well done Judi.

    1. Thanks Denis, yes I must admit we wouldn't have spotted any where near the amout of Goannas we do here, without the birds giving us notification. We have since discovered that this hollow tree holds water and the Lorikeets have been bathing in it daily... and obviously they weren't happy about the goanna taking over their water hole! Judi.


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