Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tawny-frogmouth Pair 10/06/12

A few days ago miss 8 was delighted to discover that her "flower garden tree" had two Tawny-Frogmouths living in it.  This was rather funny, as the tree mentioned is hardly anything of a tree at all.  Previously this was a small Ironbark tree in which we had planted a flower and fairy garden surrounding it for miss 8 to enjoy the beautiful flowers.  Earlier in the yea,r in strong winds the tree completely snapped off, leaving a few tiny scraggly branches and the tree looking a bit ugly I  must stay.  It just goes to show you that a tree of any size and in any condition can be a home to wildlife!  The tawnys remain perched in the same place, with no protection from the wind or cold, but in a convenient place for finding frogs close to the house at night we imagine!  J.G.

this photo shows the tiny branches that are left on this tree that the Tawnys are calling home this week!


  1. Great bird to have on your backyard list!

    1. Thanks John, They are a regular sight here and a welcomed one. They have nested in various places at our patch over the years. Judi

  2. Hi Judi and Brendon
    I have taken the liberty of adding your blog to a list I maintain on my Blog, of what I have termed "Aussie Nature Bloggers".
    There is no commitment required by you, nor any cost, nor "membership" or anything like that.
    It is just away I have of monitoring other Blogs I am interested in, and other people who follow my blog can see whenever you update your blog.
    Hope that is OK with you.
    Denis Wilson
    "The Nature of Robertson".
    You can reply via a comment, if you wish, or by email
    peonyden (at) gmail (dot)

    1. Hi Denis, Thank you so much for your message. We are honoured to be added to your Aussie Nature Bloggers! Thank you so much, it is very humbling! Judi.


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