Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Early Morning Boxing Kangaroo's 20/03/12

In the drizzling rain my son and I spotted these firery Boxing Kangaroo's from our Deck.  I raced to get the camera and had it on the wrong setting the first few photos, but managed a couple of poor pics through the rain, and the long distance from the house.  Took a little video on my little camera so I will aim to upload that also. This is not a sight often seen here, but it is the second time I have seen Boxing Roo's at Jarowair.  What a great start to the morning it was!


p.s Sorry about the poor quality of the pics, they were taken in the rain and from a fair distance, but I was still happy to get them!

This photo is of rather poor quality, but I just had to share it!  What a display they put on!


  1. Wonderful photographs. Like the rain and distance. All part of the atmosphere. Great sight.

  2. Thank you Russell, they were great to watch!


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