Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Irony of the Ironbark Tree

Gail Force Winds and very low temperatures were present today at Jarowair and across the Darling Downs.  The very cold wind making it almost unbearable to be outside.  During the wind, the second half of the ironbark (see here for previous post 18th Jan 2011) came down in a thundering crash to the ground, giving our 9 year old son an awful fright as he was walking under it at the time!!  Luckily he heard the noise and ran backwards to escape the falling tree.  The irony is that only last weekend, Brendon had finished clearing away all of the fallen branches from the January Storm and had only then said, that he thought the rest of the tree would go before long - he wasn't to know it would only be a week!  We re-used most of the tree for garden edge around the house yard and it came up looking fantastic (note to self - must photograph this also to show re-use/recycling).  Cutting the large tree up and re-locating the massive branches is another huge job!

The result of the huge winds.

Inspecting the dammage.
A narrow escape for our boy!

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