Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Firewood" Nesting Boxes 21/08/11

Prior to Winter, Brendon spotted these two hollow cut logs in a friend's firewood pile, she happily gave Brendon the pices up for transformation. Both pieces were hollow with exterior holes, perfect for bird/glider nesting boxes.  He worked his magic and turned them into fabulous nesting boxes with hinged lids for checking on the contents.  He widened the entry holes a little so they would be being enough for the local Pale-headed Rosellas to enter.

Taller Nesting Box placed on Fence Post for Rosella's

The Taller of the two boxes was installed ontop of the Fence Post at the Entry to the Vegetable & Fruit Tree Garden.  As a child, Brendon had seen Rosellas nesting in the top of hollow fence posts, along with other weird exposed and low to the ground places, thus the idea of adding this one to the post.

The Smaller in Height Nesting Box was installed in a large tree overlooking the creek/dam at the back of Jarowair.

The Finished Product!

Thanks to Barb for the Firewood Hollows - they will certainly be appreciated by some fury or feathered creature.

We must do a nesting box count to see how many we have installed so far here at Jarowair.


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