Monday, January 10, 2011

Effects of Toowoomba Floods at Jarowair 10/01/11

Huge amounts of water caused flash flooding in Toowoomba and Highfields today.  The most water we have seen so far has come through Cooby Creek through ours and our neighbours property.  Cooby Dam filled to 100% capacity at 6pm last night, which is wonderful news, amazing considering we have been on Level 5 water restrictions for as long as I can remember and only a couple of months ago the dam was at 8% Capacity.  Brendon made it to work this morning, but won't be able to make it back home for a while.  Besides our road being under water, there is land-slides at Mt Kynoch and water over bridges at Gowrie Junction. Brendon witnessed cars being swept down the road with people in them in Toowoomba as well as fridges and dog kennells floating down the streets!!  View the photos of the Toowoomba Floods that Brendon took here.

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