Wednesday, January 19, 2011

After The Water Has Gone 12/01/2011

We have been very very fortunate to have been spared the dammage of the 1 in 100 year floods that have effected our local area in large proportions.  I have photographed the changes in our small area for comparison with previous ones taken prior to the flood waters just for our own records.  Our little Creek "Cooby Creek" flowed through our property helping to top up our local water reserve "Cooby Dam" to over 100%.  This is a small highlight in a time of such tradgedy.  It is hard to imagine but only a few months ago Cooby dam was at 8% capacity and the local water supply area had been on Level 5 water restrictions for years.

Once again our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have lost their homes and loved ones in the devestating floods that have hit nearby Toowoomba, Murphys Creek and Grantham.  xxx JMG

Nearby Road Dammage

Pipeline Road to Cooby Dam was Closed to stop spectators visting to prevent any possible complications.

A large amount of Sand ended up here in our neighbours property downstream from their broken dam wall. 

Minimal dammage only to the causeway.  The foundations and 3 of the 4 guide posts were washed away.

Neighbours fence was dammaged and covered in grass and debris.

Rocks from the causeway foundation washed into the creek.

While our neighbours dam wall was largely destroyed, it didn't stop these ducklings enjoying a swim.

Our Creek 12/01/11

Changes to the creek were evident with bigger wash outs, logs missing and new ones added, and many more rocks being visible.  All in all it looks like it has had a good "clean out" and has been refreshed.

The Ants were busy re-buliding their homes again... this time it was raised markedly.

unsure but think this may be the beginnings of a rhinocerous beetle?

The driveway ended up well into the yard .

Our little boy was rather pleased to find that his raft had not been washed away.

Our section of Cooby Creek.

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