Friday, October 29, 2010

Gliders of the Gum-Trees

I am "borrowing" the title of this blog from David Fleay's Book "Gliders of the Gum Trees" as I am not 100% sure on my identification of this gorgeous glider.  I believe it to be a Squirrel Glider not a Sugar Glider, but on everything I have read, this would be fairly rare to be seen in our area now, once upon a time they were apparently common on the Darling Downs.  Would dearly love to hear opinions from those more experienced with glider identification.  We have been lucky enough to see gliders at our place over the last few years and last night spotted one feasting on the left-over seed in our bird feeder.  On checking the feeder again tonight, it was again present, and not bothered at all by the torch light.  We have a nesting box with a glider sized hole not far from here and on last inspection it had had nesting material added to it by something, so fingers crossed.  The kids and my niece and nephew who were visiting were lucky enough to witness this seldom seen sight.
P.S.  No white tip on tail which is common on Sugar-Gliders.


  1. I have had confirmation that the pictures above are definately ones of Squirrel Gliders distinguished by the lack of white tail tip and mainly from the thickness of the base of the tail. With thanks for everyones input.

  2. Missed this post before. I've only ever seen one back in 1994. Remarkably beautiful animals.


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