Monday, September 20, 2010

Sacred Kingfishers are Back

Sacred Kingfisher 14/09/10
A few days ago I had my first sighting of the Sacred Kingfishers that nest in the termite mounds in the Iron Bark Trees here.  We have witnessed them every year - this being the 5th year that they have been successfull raising their young here.  I will have to have a look for a photograph I took a few years ago of a Sacred Kingfisher that successfully detered a large Lace Monitor that was keen on the contents of the termite mound.  I will try and get some better pics this year of the Kingfishers coming in and out of the termite mound, I have witnessed them coming back to the nest will all sorts of goodies including small lizards for their young.  They are such beautiful little birds and I never tire of watching them. 

Silhouette of Sacred Kingfisher Late Afternoon 14/09/10

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