Monday, September 20, 2010


A couple of weeks ago I heard the Noisy Minors endless squarking which is usually a sign of something new visiting our property.  It was hard to see what they were attacking as it was high in a iron bark tree - the Noisy Minors were unmerciful in their attack as were the butcherbirds.  I went to get the binocculars and the camera and discovered that their target was a beautiful Southern Boobook Owl.  I am unsure as to why the Noisys were attacking the Boobook, as they reside here all the time.  Anyway the poor Owl held its ground in the tree for hours until finally having enough and flying off.  That night we did not hear the sound of the Boobook owl as we normally do, but they were back again the following night. 

We also have had regular visits lately from a Barn Owl.  I had heard it almost nightly for around a week prior to witnessing it one night on the fence, then  seen one night resting on the aviary containing our Zebra Finchs, and in the trees near the aviary.  Possibly after the large amounts of mice that inhabit the area around the bird aviarys at night? The Barn Owl has only been seen a handfull of times here over the last few years.  Very poor photograph I am afraid - need more practice taking photographs at night.

Southern Boobook Owl

Barn Owl

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