Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Galah Eating Incident of 2009

Since we have been living full-time at out Kleinton Property we have been lucky enough to have seen a wider variety of animals than we did previously on day visits.  The most unfortunate find was a large carpet snake that I found inside our Galah's cage early one morning a few weeks ago, and alas no galahs any more. After consuming my two "rescuee'" Galah's it was then trapped in the cage unable to get out. It was rather a shock and would have been far more interesting if I wasn't so upset. Anyway i opened the door of the cage and let it out and watched it for around an hour and a half to see where it went etc, a really amazing creature that was just after the too tempting "Easy meal".

The two Galahs that I had were ones that I had taken on from previous owners that no longer wanted them. One in particular was rescued from a wedge-tailed eagle in Western Qld over twenty years ago. Very tragic end for a bird that usually out-lives it's owners! 

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