Wildlife Pouches


For Wildlife Rescue Volunteers & Carers

I have been a wildlife carer & wildlife rescue volunteer for over 10 years and during that time have always sewn my own 'wildlife pouches'.  It has taken some time, but I have come up with sizes and designs that suit me for caring for possums and for general wildlife rescue. When time permits, I like to make extra pouches to pass on to other carers and wildlife rescue volunteers locally.  All 'pouches' are made from clean 'upcycled' fabric like flannelette pajamas and old pull-overs to keep the cost low.

Every native animal that is rescued by a volunteer needs to be kept warm and safe, and by providing comfy 'pouches' for rescuers to use, the animal can go from point of rescue, to the vets for check-up and then onto a carer in the same pouch, making it feel a little safer and secure in a stressful time.

Pouches are double thickness, with flannelette lining, double stitched, with rounded corners and exterior seams.

I also sew flannelette pouch liners for extra-small, small & medium sized pouches.

Jarowair Wildlife Pouches for Wildlife Carers & Wildlife Rescue Volunteers

For further information regarding Jarowair Wildlife Pouches, please contact me through the Contact Us tab on this blog - Thankyou.

Donations of the following items greatly appreciated in the Toowoomba & Highfields areas:
  • Flannelette Pajamas of any size or New Flannelette
  • New Polar Fleece or Fleecy Fabric
  • Good Quality Sewing Cotton
  • Rolls of woven Ribbon

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